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The Best Dogs to Have Featured in Movies

There are a lot of dogs that some people may be having. The dogs and man relate very closely. Man and dog has spent a lot of time when they are close to one another. There has been a lot of things that have been accomplished by both man and dog in cooperation. They have a good understanding. One of the areas that they have cooperated with man is in the movie industry. There are a lot of movies, book with GroomIt that the dogs have featured in. Reading below you will get exposed to some of the dogs that had been used by man to act movies.

The first type of dog that has been used by man to produce movies is the lassie the laddie. The story began in the form of a short story. The character of the dog was made to be immortal when it reached the year 1954. The movie was acted by around six dogs that were all males. The movies provided fun to the people for almost twenty good years. The series was divided into around five hundred episodes. It also led to seven long movies. The first to be used in this movie was Pal. Later on Pal left the scene and the role was taken by his son named Lassie junior took over. Baby, Spook, Mire and Hey Hey who were all Lassie juniors’ sons, later on, got into the industry one after the other.

In the Rin Tin another dog was also used. In this movie the dog that was used was the real dog. The dog provided services in the first world war. He got training from an American soldier who rescued him from the battlefield. This dog was used in around twenty-seven movies. A replacement was to be found after the death. The other animals that were closely related to him were considered. However among the many animals that were related to him no be could replace hi perfectly.

There was also the use of dogs in the Strongheart original show. The dog served in the second world war. The second world war ended, and the owner of the dog had a lot of problems taking care of the fog. He then sent him to a friend who owned a breeding kennel in America. The dog had a strong stature and physical status. This caught the attention of one actor. The dog was made famous by a friend of the actor who bought it to train him further.

There are so many dogs that man has used to act in movies.